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Introducing MullingCares

At Mulling, we believe our organization lives as a vital part of our community. In many ways, we view the success of our community as a measure of our own — so much so that we commit to giving back through several charitable and volunteer efforts each year as a part of our philanthropic initiative, MullingCares.

MullingCares acts as a reminder to us, and our community, that we’re not only here to service their insurance needs but to also help grow, enhance, and support the area they call home.



We are proud to support and work with the following organizations. Click on each name to learn more about how you can support them and their efforts!

Anchor House Ministries

Anchor House Ministries provides a home, resources, and support for boys and men who are referred by the state or private counselors. During their time at the Anchor House, these individuals receive counseling and guidance to help them develop a life plan that includes goal setting, life training skills, and practical experience. These opportunities allow them to reunite with their families or prepare them for the next phase of their adult life.

Lighthouse Ministries

Lighthouse Ministries provides services to individuals in our communities who are poor or at-risk. With a number of different programs including shelter, homeless intervention, and residential programs for those recovering from addiction, Lighthouse Ministries puts its mission and vision first to meet the physical, emotional, and other needs of our at-risk population.

Senior Orphans of Polk County

Senior Orphans of Polk County provides support to seniors throughout Polk County who are living off of a fixed income of less than $600 a month. Many of these individuals struggle to cover household expenses, medication, food, and more. Senior Orphans provides household items, such as hygiene supplies, cleaning products, and more to lessen the financial burden through community donations and volunteer efforts.

One More Child 

One More Child provides services to vulnerable children and struggling families in our community. From placing children in crisis into foster and adoptive homes, providing safety for an abused child, or providing resources to families such as food, diapers, and more, One More Child makes a difference for thousands throughout the world. Last year alone, they served over 324,467 children through all of their programs and initiatives.

Victory Ridge Academy

Victory Ridge is a school located in Lake Wales that serves a variety of special needs children, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Spina Bifida, Down’s syndrome, and more. Victory Ridge utilizes individualized education programs along with medical and behavioral programs to meet both the therapeutic and educational needs of its students.

Meals on Wheels Polk County

Meals on Wheels provides warm, nutritionally-balanced meals to homebound residents, primarily senior citizens, throughout the county with the help of volunteers, community donations, and sponsorships.

Auburndale Youth Soccer Club

Each year, Mulling serves as a sponsor for the Auburndale Youth Soccer Club. We love cheering on the Auburndale Scream and watching young individuals develop passion, dedication, and determination.


kidsPACK is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals and food to disadvantaged children throughout Polk County and beyond. Each weekday, kidsPACK delivers nutritious food to sustain students throughout the weekend when they do not have access to subsidized school meals.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) supports the growth and passion of athletes both in their sport and faith. FCA provides community, mentorship, and fellowship to young athletes throughout the United States and the world through camps, events, international trips, and more.

Heart of the Father Ministries

Heart of the Father is a local Christian organization supporting our local communities and beyond through a number of ministries, organizations, and charitable initiatives.

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