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Types of Insurance You Didn’t Know You Need

Insurance is stressful and tricky to tackle for many! Most people get standard insurance policies and think they’re covered for the extremes. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. We’ve outlined a few “additional” policies that you may not know that you need! If you have questions or are preparing for the future, we can help you decide what makes sense for your individual needs, budget, and existing policies. We’re always just one call away at Mulling Insurance.

Hurricane Insurance: Wind and Flooding

Most Floridians assume their houses are protected from hurricanes under their homeowner insurance policy, but these policies tend to have limitations and only cover certain damages. Contrary to common belief, “Hurricane Insurance,” isn’t really a thing. Most Floridians need a Wind policy and Flooding policy to protect their homes from Florida’s violent hurricane season. We recommend looking into the details of your homeowners insurance policy to ensure your house will be covered in worst-case scenarios. Even if you live in Central Florida, hurricane damage can cost you thousands.

Comprehensive Coverage

In Florida, you’re legally required to obtain car insurance, but have you ever looked into what your policy covers? Many are shocked to find out that their policies only cover collision damages. Essentially, if your car isn’t involved in a collision with another car or object, you won’t get any financial help from your insurance provider. If your car is stolen, vandalized, or even gets flooded, without Comprehensive Coverage, most insurance providers don’t extend any help. We recommend investing in a Comprehensive Coverage plan to protect you and your car from any external damages that aren’t considered collisions.

Personal Article 

Many people assume their personal items are covered under one of their homeowners insurance policy, such as their wedding rings or other valuable items. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. While home insurance policies may say they cover these items, they typically have a limit amount. Personal Article policies are designed to protect your personal belongings. While there are still limitations to what and how items are protected, Personal Article policies cover much more than your standard policies and the policy coverage goes where you go. Have you ever thought about what happens if you lose your wedding ring on vacation? Don’t let a mishap ruin your vacation plans or day-to-day happenings. If you want extended protection for your valuables, a Personal Article policy is a great option to discuss.

ATVs and Boats

We know you're soaking up all of the summertime fun on your recreational vehicles! Most people forget to insure their ATVs and boats, leading to horror stories when accidents happen. Keep this summer light and fun by proactively insuring your ATVs and boats, so you can rest assured knowing you’re covered. Many think their ATVs and boats fall under auto insurance policies or homeowners insurance, but make sure you read the fine print! If you’re unsure about what your policies cover, Mulling has you covered! Reach out to us, we can help you navigate your insurance plans.

Personal Umbrella Policy

Lastly, we’re going to talk about Personal Umbrella Policies (PUP), and no—this isn’t to keep you dry during Florida’s rainy season. Personal Umbrella Policies aren’t talked about often, but they’re extremely useful when used in combination with other policies. Personal Umbrella Policies offer extra protections and elevate the coverage you receive when needed. This means when you’ve exceeded the liability limits of your homeowners or auto insurance policy, PUP offers additional protection to you and your family. Personal Umbrella Policies vary depending on the plan selected and your personal needs, but PUPs can protect up to $5 million dollars in assets. In most situations, a PUP helps cover family members, recreational vehicles, and rental assets. If you’re looking for a one-size fits all policy, we can’t guarantee everything will be covered, but a Personal Umbrella Policy is a great starting point.

Insurance is no walk in the park! If you have questions, want to ensure your assets are protected, or want to check the rate you're receiving, give us a call

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